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sexta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2009

Creative Every Day#01: Backgammon

This is my first entry for the Creative EveryDay (2009, of course!:p) Obviously I know I won’t be able to post *everyday* but I’ll try my best.:)
Not to mention that I didn’t quite understood how the whole thing works. We were supposed to post a comment a comment saying we’d like to participate…and…um- there wasn't any kind of reply or- *sighs* (*GLARES* at Y!Email)

But I found that thing so…I hope it works.

Oookay! Now, about the art. January’s theme is *Play* so, I thought about Backgammon (Gamão, in Portuguese). I honestly never understood how to play the thing (I mean, I know how to play chess but Backgammon seems so…I don’t know! Strange?) However, I always thought that the Backgammon’s board is very *artistic*, interesting, you know?
So, here it is a Backgammon Board (sp?)-of a sorts. :) Media: Markers on Paper (Sketchbook)

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Glover disse... [Reply to comment]

I also think the backgammon board has artistic qualities. Yours looks like an abstract painting

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