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quinta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2009

IF: Time (Cinderella and Harry Potter)

This is for Illustration Friday. The theme is *time* what a wonderful prompt. And so appropriate, you know? I could spend hours only talking about it- the meanings of it- but once again I am out of time.
Yesterday I watched Bejamim Button and wow. It’s funny how no matter what we cant escape from this four letter word. Time.
So, I made these two drawings- the first one is finished, the other I wasn’t able to (so I guess it is a drawing a WIP sketch.)

At Twelve
Coloring Pencils

This is a Time Turner, Harry!
Harry Potter fanart. A scene from book 3 when he and Hermione Granger went back in time.
Pencils . WIP

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