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terça-feira, 12 de abril de 2011


This is my first post of the year.Actually, this is my very first art of the year. Shocking, huh? Yeah. I am suffering from a terrible case of  'lack of creativity'...I just couldnt draw, anything 'artistic''s so frustrating, discouraging...

So, today I was at home and it was raining and...well, I thought, why dont I try to draw something? So, I did this little something- it's not good or anything but I am kind proud of myself for 'breaking' (sorta anyways) this 'artist block'. 

And here it is my first draw. It's actually a 'marker sketch'- a very silly wonder woman but it's a start. 

4 comentários:

Ginny disse... [Reply to comment]

I think she is terrific and what a wonderful way to break your artist's block with someone so strong. Have lots of fun enjoying your creativity again.

B @ Sweet Limes disse... [Reply to comment]

Now she doesn't look like someone you'd want to mess with, the look on her face is dead serious!

Yay to break the block!

Ankush Samant disse... [Reply to comment]

hope you get us more of such works. Nice :)

Barbara B disse... [Reply to comment]

She's wonderful! Refuses to be passive, ready to take control, the inner artist on the move, nothing holding her back.

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