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segunda-feira, 19 de setembro de 2011

Fanart: Happy Birthday, Hermione Granger (two old sketches)

To tell the truth I totally forgot that today was September 19th,  Hermione's birthday- and, so, i didnt draw anything (like I did last year- see my art HERE ) But, I do have two simple sketches of her that I made some time ago and never posted here (that I reckon).

Here they are:

Light Reading:

Light Reading by ~sweetlemmon on deviantART

The other one I called Thinking about You. Unfortunally this art was 'banned' from DeviantArt. They thought it was 'inappropriated' .Yeah, it is slightly NWS but still... I didnt- and I still dont- think it is inappropriated.

WEll, that's it. Happy Birthday Hermione Granger- you still are one of my fav. (fiction) characters!

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