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sábado, 19 de novembro de 2011

Art EveryDay Month 2011: Day 19- Sunset in Jundiai #aedm2011

I have to be honest, I didnt take this pic today. I was looking at my HD and saw this lost 'almost new' photo (it was taken in July, if I am not mistaken). And, really, I didnt have time (or mind, to be exactly) to do anything so, today, I am sharing this shot. ^.^

Sunset in Jundiai by ~sweetlemmon on deviantART

 This is Jundiaí, a middle-size country city. It's located in the same State I live, but my city is on the coast.

2 comentários:

Gwen Hughes disse... [Reply to comment]

Really, that photo could have been taken anywhere at any time. It is enchanting.

Anônimo disse... [Reply to comment]

incredible pic :)

Stay inspired!

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