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quinta-feira, 1 de novembro de 2012

AEDM: Day 1

 Art EveryDay Month #aedm

Day 1.

Yeah, it’s another year- and another AEDM. It’s my chance to (at least try) to stop, exterminate this big-huge-enormous!- artist’s block!
It seems like all my creativity, all my “will” to draw, paint, make art… went to some place I really don’t know where. It’s kind of frustrating, y’know? But this month I will try, will push some buttons.

I need my creativity back.

This is (my) a start

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dandelion dreamer disse... [Reply to comment]

Oh I know only too well how it feels to lose your creativity. Be kind to will return.Do something really simple like painting a watery wash of colour on those white pages and leave them to dry. Maybe another day you might like to stamp them around the edges and then maybe just stick a special photo in the centre!

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