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quarta-feira, 3 de junho de 2009

Vik Muniz amazing artworks

This isnt exactly an art post (though, I guess I can call it an *Art Rec Post*) but it something I'd like to share with you.

A few weeks ago I went to MASP (São Paulo Museum of Art) to see an exposition of Vik Muniz works.
His work is amazing. He is a Brazilian artist who lives in NY for about 20 years (I think) and his art was already exhibited (sp?) in lots of places around the world.
He makes art from/of everything. No matter if it is sugar, chocolate, or garbage.
You might recognize some of works:

(Click and see with what this was made:)

This was made with chocolate!

Made with sugar!

(Click to see the details)

Oficial Site:

Anyways, if you have the opportunity to see his work- go for it. It's an amazing experience.

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