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domingo, 8 de novembro de 2009

Art Everyday Month Day 8: Embu das Artes #aedm

Today I visited a small town called Embu das Artes (in English, ‘Embu of Arts’. No, I don’t know what ‘Embu’ means. It’s an Indian word…).

And as you have noticed by the city’s name: everything in the city is about art; more specifically handmade/handcraft art. Although it’s a well-known city here (there you can see tourists from several parts of the World) and not so far of (sp?) my own city (about 95 km/ 59 miles) this was my first time there and I can say I liked :) It was a whole day immersed in art; a very way to spend a Sunday.

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Leah disse... [Reply to comment]

how inspiring! i love the colors.

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