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segunda-feira, 9 de novembro de 2009

Art Everyday Month Day 9: Berlin #aedm (Pics and Moleskine)

Everybody knows that November 9 is a very important date. Maybe the youngers cant really understand the deep meaning of what happened twenty years ago but even them know that wall's fall changed the world. I was pretty young then and somethings I quite not understood but I could feel. I could feel the emotion. All my family (my mum's side) is from Germany and I will never forget how my grandfather's eyes shined(sp?) in happiness.

Last September (to early October) I traveled to Europe. Germany (and some other countries). I am (still!) editing the (zillions of!) photos, separating things (hotel keys, folders, sketches, etc...)to , finally make/do (sp?) a scrapbook.

So, Today I drew this sketch (watercolors) of the wall (Alexanderplatz on back), having as model the pic I took there. The Brandenburg Gate sketch I made there.

The pics:

The Sketches:

2 comentários:

Leah disse... [Reply to comment]

Oh, your sketches are so beautiful!

Susan Reep disse... [Reply to comment]

These are wonderful. My father, Edward Reep, was an artist in World War II, and in 1971 the Army brought him back for the special assignment of going to Berlin and doing paintings of his impessions of the wall. This is one of the images It's the only one I could find on the web.
Susan Reep

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