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terça-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2010

First Post of the Year. And a Elizabethan Era Lady Sketch.

Hi! First of all Happy New Year! A bit (but not much) late but Happy New Year to all of you. My year only *really* started after Jan 6th. It’s that I wanted to do absolute NOTHING in the first week of the year- and tell the truth until the King’s Day I am still on Holiday’s Season Mood:) Of course, the fact I got sick (just a flu but annoying nonetheless!) contributed to my necessity to be off!

But Here I am! Another year! My second year of Creative Everyday!:) This month the theme is *body*. I am afraid my first post of the year isn’t a body…well, some may disagree after all a head *is* (sp?) part of the body, huh?

Anyways…this is a sort of portrait practicing. I thought about something /someone from Elizabethan era. I could say it is incomplete – and that’s truth but I think this one will be one those artworks that will be on a forever WIP status, you know?

Also I would like to share some really great stuff I featured on My DeviantArt Journal:

Well, that’s it.

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Leah disse... [Reply to comment]

happy new year to you!! this is a great drawing. love the collar!

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