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quinta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2011

Art EveryDay Month 2011: Day 10- Sketch and WIP #aedm2011

Fairy Godmother Sketch and Noah's Ark WIP

Today I had an unexpected appointment so I wasn’t able to work on my ‘Noah’s ark project’ . I did make some sketch ‘clean up’ and work a little with the lineart but that wasn’t too much. 

However, I did a little sketch on my Moleskine and then I played a little with it using Photoshop. Maybe I’ll use this sketch idea to make a ‘real’ drawing.

It’s  a fairy godmother.  She could use some wings, I know. And a better nose- and a prettier (sp?) outfit. Like I said, I think I’ll work on that. :)

5 comentários:

nanke's stuff disse... [Reply to comment]

Very charming! I'm looking forward to seeing the progress of the ark! nancy

Jehanne's doodles disse... [Reply to comment]

Oh I think she is cute :)

That Girl Designs disse... [Reply to comment]

Super cute!

Kelly disse... [Reply to comment]

Your drawings are so sweet! I can't wait to see the finished ark!

Amanda Trought disse... [Reply to comment]

Really like the progress you are making with the ark, the fairy god mother is very sweet! Blessings, Amanda

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