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sexta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2011

Art EveryDay Month 2011: Day 11- Children's Art #aedm2011

I have to say, I really- REALLY- hate my scanner right now. Okay. *breath* Today I drew another sketch in a children's illustration style. Seriously, the scanner didnt help me here. And my camera decided to take scanner's side. :/

the first sketches

Oh, and happy 11/11/11!!!

7 comentários:

Anônimo disse... [Reply to comment]

She is beautiful. She looks like maybe she is in love. I wonder who she has her eye on. Cute!

Gwen Hughes disse... [Reply to comment]

Well, never mind about the equipment..she has worked out beautifully.
Are they forget-me-nots she has behind her back?
Gwen xx

Carol disse... [Reply to comment]

She is very sweet!!! Sometimes my scanner is very unfriendly too .

dave disse... [Reply to comment]

She came out very well, it's nice to see the different versions. Sorry about your scanner problems, my scanner usually behaves, it's the digital camera that always turns on me :)

Serena disse... [Reply to comment]

Yes...she's got a boy on her mind. She turned out lovely! :)

My scanner died earlier this year so I tend to photograph everything now. I now prefer taking pics to using a scanner.

Tracey Fletcher KIng disse... [Reply to comment]

Scanners drive me insane... but we can see that this is wonderful xx

Kelly disse... [Reply to comment]

Lovely little lady. Technology can be so frustrating!

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